The Ontario Homeowners Relief Program

The OHRP is committed to helping Ontario homeowners salvage their credit scores and get fast access to capital through private home sales.

Why The Ontario Homeowners Relief Program Was Created

We have been witness to homeowners time and time again who desperately need to sell their homes at a fair value due to a number of reasons. Whether it is a family issue, change in employment situation, or simply a home that was bought outside of the means of an individual, the OHRP wants to help. We don’t want Canadians to feel hopeless in these situations or sacrifice their credit scores because of a lack of options. That is why the OHRP was created to help homeowners in any situation.
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Your house is close to foreclosure due to missed mortgage payments.
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Your family is going through difficult times such as divorce or unemployment.
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You need to relocate quickly due to a change in employment.
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You need cash to pay off existing debt (car loan, business loan, etc.).

How We Help Canadian Homeowners:

The OHRP helps Canadian homeowners by relieving them of their biggest financial burden, their home. We have a simple 3 step process to secure an individuals home in as little as 48 hours. Upon the sale of your home, we cover closing costs if you need a lawyer to review the documents, there are no commissions and absolutely no hidden fees. We simply offer you a private offer for your house and close the deal as quickly as possible so you can access you capital.
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Our Locations Across Ontario
Right now we operate in five strategic locations across the province. These locations include Kingston, Toronto, Durham Region, Barrie and Kawartha Lakes. We have representatives in each location that can answer all your questions and evaluate your home’s value.

If you do not see your region on the map don’t worry. Please fill out the form below or visit our contact page and speak with an OHRP support team member. We will do our best to accommodate your location and get your house sold!
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