Sell Your House Fast in Kawartha Lakes With The Ontario Homeowners Relief Program

The OHRP Helps Kawartha Lakes residents sell their house fast through private cash home sales with no fees, no commissions, and no closing costs.

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Selling Your Home in Kawartha Lakes Has Never Been Easier or Faster.

The Ontario homeowners Relief Program is committed to relieving Kawartha Lakes residents of their costly debt and saving their credit scores when a home becomes a financial burden. Common reasons people take advantage of OHRP include, but are not limited to:
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Your house is close to foreclosure due to missed mortgage payments.
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Your family is going through difficult times such as divorce or unemployment.
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You need to relocate quickly due to a change in employment.
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You need cash to pay off existing debt (car loan, business loan, etc.).
The OHRP shows no discrimination and accepts 99% of applicants each year. We understand that your home is likely the largest investment you have ever made and things change quickly that can impact financial situation.
Get started with OHRP today and experience the relief that comes with no debt!

How Kawartha Lakes Homeowners are selling their homes with OHRP

OHRP uses a simple 3 step process to sell your Kawartha Lakes home fast. After your application is submitted you can expect an official offer within as little as 48 hours.

Step 1: Submit your Application
Fill out any form on our website and we will review your information. An OHRP representative from Toronto will contact you via email and phone call within 24 hours of your completed application.
Step 2: We Visit Your Property The Next Day
We will come take a quick tour of your property and assess the home’s value. No need to clean up or prepare the home like a showing, we want the experience to be as convenient and stress free as possible.
Step 3: We Provide You With An Offer For Your Home
Within 24hours of your home assessment, you will receive an official offer from OHRP for your home. Now all that’s left to do is choose your closing date and sign the paperwork to secure your purchase price.
Submit your application and hear back from the OHRP team in 24 to 48 hours!

Why Now Is The Time To Sell Your Kawartha Lakes Home to OHRP.

According to Zolo, 2021 will greatly favour home sellers as home prices have shot up an astonishing 58.5%. However, the median time a house will sit on the market is 26 days. Why wait 26 days to sell when you could wait only 48 hours with OHRP.
There are 25 neighbourhoods in Kawartha Lakes and OHRP buys homes in all of them. This includes the top 5 most popular of 2020:
Rural Laxton
Little Britain
Rural Sommerville

Do you know someone who could use the assistance of OHRP?

Ontario Homeowners Relief Program is proud to offer referral incentives for its members. You can receive up to $500 cash for referring a friend to OHRP. If you would like to learn more, visit our referrals page now.

Some of the many Benefits to Selling Your Home in Kawartha Lakes with OHRP.

We offer a stress-free and efficient way for you to sell your home fast in Ontario.